Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sheep Day!

Today we went to Sheep Day here on the islands! Any day where I get to pet sheep is a good day. So, I headed straight for the fluffy lovelies. 

Some sheep were very cuddly and nice.

Some sheep were a bit angry, like the white one in the back, who just got shorn and is kind of done with all of humanity for the day. (See her signaling with her ears.)

And some sheep were just a little bit more tired than others. 

I also had a nice talk with another spinner, got to see and feel her Ashford Joy. And I had a talk with a nice sheep farmer who said that last year no one wanted the shorn wool so they had to burn it! I gave her my card, looked her in the eye and said to call me next time. She promised she would. 

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