Friday, 5 August 2011

Apple Butter

From a basket of apples and 2 liters of gooseberries, from my mother in laws garden, I made (with lots of help from the husband) gooseberry marmalade and apple butter. Ok, marmalade you know what that is, but apple butter, well I didn't know what that was until a while ago, when I stumbled onto a video about it on youtube. I love the cooking videos on youtube. :) 
Apple Butter is a spiced more concentrated form of applesauce (äppelmos). It contains NO butter, just apples, sugar, cinnamon and cloves (äpplen, socker, kanel och kryddnejlika). The brown colour comes from the caramelized sugar. And it is very, very, very (one more) very delicious. It is great used as you would applesauce, but also as a spread for toast, especially, I have noticed, with some cream cheese. It takes quite a few hours to make though, but it was definitely worth it. The first jar is already empty. :)


Ms. Kimba said...

ahhh hej! Apple Butter is something that is more common in my area of the Usa. Most people in america don't know what it is but I live in an area of a lot of Amish. It originally started with them. Anyways we make it and also buy it at the store. Mostly it is used on toast etc.

I am glad that you got to discover one of our favourite treats here in our region. It's wonderful to eat and a fave of many here. Enjoy it!

Frida said...

I have never heard of it before, but I am glad I did, yummy! Vi som odlar så mycket äpplen i Sverige. Jag börjar långsamt spridningen nu i alla fall. :)

Fröken Rimme said...

Hade jag bara haft lite mer tid och köksutrymme, hade jag satt igång med detsamma! Äpple, kanel och nejlika är ju en sådan underbar smakkombination :)

Frida said...

Man behöver ju inte göra så mycket. Jag kan verkligen rekomendera det. smaskens!