Friday, 24 June 2011


Bestest midsummer mail delivery ever!!! 

My family went to visit a sheep farm last week. Oh boy how I would have wanted to come, but they are 500 km west in Gothenburg. They went on a lamb safari and got to pet the sheep and visit the farm. AND, they thought of me! I got this colourful wool, I don't know what bread but it is on the coarser side and seems very spinnable. I think Ill spinn some thin, thin yarn with this. 

But what really warmed my hart was the card, and they all signed it! Thank you my family, I miss you all!

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Anonymous said...

Kul att du tyckte om ullen.
Skönt att du har piggnat till och är tillbaka på bloggen. Har saknat att läsa dina inlägg.

Mamma Mu