Monday, 27 June 2011

Cooking in Taiwan

Fridas thoughts during a cooking show watched in Taiwan:

Oh, that looks like a pumpkin, but is is very green, maybe it is a melon of some kind. Cutting the melon in half and then in slices, ok with you so far. Then you are going to... Eh, boil the melon... mhmm are you sure? Yes definitely boiling it, ok then. Oh, time for some sauce of some kind, is it going to be sweet or savory? Clams! Hopefully savory then. Yes, ok I think that is soy sauce, and what is all those other brown sauces I can't reed the labels on that you are blending in, no idea. Ok, picking up the melon/pumpkin slice from the water and putting it on a plate. It has the appearance of melon but seems to have the consistency of pumkin, which is it?! Any way what are you going to do with it? Pouring the brown clam sauce over it.. Ish.. Ok, you can eat that.

*true* *and I don't understand mandarin and there was no subtitles*

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