Thursday, 9 December 2010

Never ever...

...An outside market in wintertime again!!!
It was really nice to talk to people and I did sell a little, enough to make a profit anyway, but the main thing for me is that somebody wants my yarn. But it was way, way, way to cold! The energy just drains out of you in those temperatures. I think etsy is my native market. I got better during the second day at talking people in though, but I still feel like I am invading their space. 
 Don't I look happy, it is -10 degrees C and I am wearing everything I own. I am very, very glad I invested in that jacket and the furry boots.
 It was a cosy place to hold a christmas market though, we got a really good spot and they even built us these nice little roofs.
 We stood next to a nice man selling locally "collected" honey. There is such a difference, you should always buy honey from a small bee keeper, the taste is vastly superior. Sadly I don't use honey that much so it takes me a while to make salad dressing out of a whole jar.
The high point for the children was of course the pony rides. The parents had to drag the children away, horses and children equally sad from the separation. 
Oh, by the way, blame or praise Ola for the pictures, I was busy selling. He was a tremendous help during the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Det ser jättemysigt ut. Synd att det var så kallt.

Mamma Mu