Monday, 6 December 2010


Finally my Gepardi is hanging on the wall. I just love this print, it is Theresa Moorhouse's "Sininen Gepardi" (Blue Cheetah) for Marimekko.
I mounted it by sewing two canals, one up and one down, and placing a round wooden rod in them. I placed little loops in the ends of the upper one and little hooks on the walls to hang it in. A'la the seventies. :) This way I can easily take it down and wash and iron it. 
I have a gepardi cheetah guarding my kitchen. :) 
 There is a gap in the colours here because I had to merge two pictures together. I could just not back away far enough to get the whole picture. :)

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Anonymous said...

Den är sååååå snygg...

Mamma Mu