Saturday, 21 August 2010


Do I need yet another hobby that I cant make any money from? I sure do! I started spinning on a spindle. It is quite addictive, and it is so much fun seeing the fluff turn into you very own yarn. I took the sensible route and purchased a start kit form Spinspiration, so that I could try it out and see if I liked it before I invest in a spinning wheel. 
This is the top whorled spindle that came with the start kit, it is surprisingly well balanced and spins a long time, but it is a bit small and cant handle too much yarn. 

And this, have you ever seen anything so beautiful! This is my very first home spun yarn! It is 50 grams of "Gotlands" wool. I am so proud, but as you can see, my second try, the white yarn on the spindle is already looking much better, smoother and quite even. And that is 50 grams of Corriedale. I still have 50 grams of white and brown Shetland humbug to try too. 


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