Monday, 30 August 2010

Shetland Humbug

More yarn! I made this really thin, so thin that it broke a few times during the plying, but still I learnt a lot. It is Shetland Humbug.
Available for purchase at my Etsy Shop.


Ola said...

I just think that I should mention the "Fårdag" (Sheep Day) which we went to yesterday where we met some cute and cuddly sheep, which also wanted to be petted, especially the lambs. Also we saw the different types of sheep you can find here in Sweden. And finally what you can do with sheep, here's the list:
Cheese, Fur, Yarn, Roast and Felt

Ms. Kimba said...

Ohhhh it's so pretty! you really picked up spinning really quickly. it looks very nice. Sometimes my singles get very thin too and they break, you'll find that after awhile on a wheel you will only be able to spin thin and never thick again..haha

Frida said...

Thank you, I really like spinning. (whispering: the wheel is ordered) :)
The next one I am working on now seems to be pretty thin too, but I got the breaks under control now. ;)