Sunday, 4 July 2010

Went to buy ice cream

This was a really hot day! I like temperatures around 20 degrees C, and above 25 I start to behave... hm... interesting, today it was 30! 
So ice cream at Drottningholm is a good way to lazily stroll away such a day. Drottningholm is where the King and Queen of Sweden live, and we do live on the next island so we are almost neighbors. There is of course a castle as well, in the center of Stockholm, but the royal family does not live there, only work. At Drottningholm there is a magnificent park, with mazes, statues, ponds and lots of lots of orderly trees, and it is open to everyone. 
Playing with the fountains and the camera.

Outside the hedge.

Inside the hedge.

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Ms. Kimba said...

nice! we have almost 40c here today..too hot! and tomorrow it will be 40c...I have never met the king or queen before but I did get to meet Reinfeldt for 2 hours :