Monday, 12 July 2010


There is a hedgehog under our deck!
They are all over the place here, lovely little animals, they look like there made of spare parts.


Ola said...

As the photographer of this photo I just wanted to comment a little on what happened. I was crawling around the base of the deck to find the hedgehog when suddenly if just appeared in front of me. This is the reason why the grass is in focus and not the hedgehog. Also it stood there and looked at me before it went in under again. Only to soon appear next the the house and from there it went to the neighbors garden. Some times later the same evening I was standing by an open window where I here the same little rustling noise and our little friend is on it's way to our hedge again. Very cute little thing.

Ms. Kimba said...

aww I remember when I lived in sweden we had hedgehogs everywhere, they are so cute. i don't think we have them here in america

Frida said...

That is a shame! There are such cuties.