Monday, 20 September 2010

A dark day

I have been so proud for Sweden, that we did not have a racist party with any real power, which lots of other countries in Europe has. I thought that we were above that, that we understood that all people are equals, that  diversity is a good thing, that we have to take care of ALL the people in our land. I felt so proud, I felt that this was a good country to live in. I am not so proud any more, I am ashamed for Sweden today. I am afraid that Sweden will, small step by small step, become a scary place. My belief is that a countries well being is shown in a high lowest standard. How can people vote for a fatter wallet and stupid prejudices, you have to vote for the best for Sweden, what is best for us all.


Kathleen Faulkner said...

I feel your shame. Here in the US racism is alive and well and has raised it's ugly head with pride now that we have a black president. I've never understood why people are afraid of diversity. I think it much more interesting and actually healthy to embrace our differences. I am always pleased, as well as relieved, to find like minds.
Viva Dollybob!

Frida said...

A positive thing in all this is that lots and lots of people is pointing out that they don't support this. Groups, events, demonstrations against racism. :)