Monday, 12 September 2011

Knitting Bags

I am a very good yarn chaos builder, and knitting bags help to keep at least the yarn you are working on in order, but I only have a few bags, actually they are bags that came with clothes from Granit, so I though I would whip up a few using my enormous fabric stash. Here are a few (where did all that yellow come from), already full, I had to make more. :) I used this excellent tutorial that makes a simple bag with professional looking details.
They turned out really cute I think. In the fabric selection you can find a few from IKEA, my older sisters curtains from the eighties and an excellent teacup fabric I once used to make mushroom picking bags out of (with mesh fabric in the middle so you could shake all the pine needles and leaves out of it).
(And yes, I am playing whit a new photo app.)

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