Friday, 18 March 2011

Banana and drinks

Banana fibre and KoolAid in the mail today! Now there will be blending and colouring right and left. :)
The banana fibre is like silk, or maybe like a synthetic silk. I will use it in small amounts as an accent in yarns and batts.

The colour/flavours of the KoolAid are from top left; Pink Lemonade, Arctic Green Apple, Lemonade, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry. KoolAid is the perfect home dyeing agent, it is safe, you don't need masks and you can use the same utensils that you use for food, wool need citric acid to take the dye which is the main ingredient, it is all you need in one small little package and it comes in a huge variety of colours/flavours. I ordered them conveniently from KoolAid World.

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